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No Inbound Emails??

Tuning in

Hi, Blueyonder emails not working again???

I have not received any at all today. I’ve logged in to my work account and sent myself an email and copied in a friend who has received theirs, but still nothing to my blueyonder account. outbound are working fine.

 I’ve logged in to my Virgin media account online There aren’t any on the website account either?

I have changed password online & removed/reinstalled account/app on phone & iPad, but to no avail 

any advice please 


Tuning in

… I have had one email in to my Junk folder and one in to archives? But nothing else and not the ones I have sent to myself via other email providers?

I have clicked on every folder online and in my App and there’s nothing new in any of those.

I have reset the App passwords & input into Mail, but still nothing inbound on the app or on the website. However, it will let me set an auto forward rule on website and I can receive any new sent messages there, but when I switch the auto forward rule back off, the messages still don’t appear in the app or on the VirginMedia online emails ?

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Have you checked to see if there are any other forwarded rules set that might be diverting incoming emails elsewhere?


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Hi Graham, yes I have checked for other rules  - I never log in to virgin media online emails unless mail isn’t working. 
there’s only this rule that I set up yesterday as I couldn’t think what else to do - all school emails etc come through on this email and with strike days I didnt want to miss anything.

outbound emails are still ok, but all inbound are coming to a different mailbox via the rule set last night. 

Totally baffled????!!!