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New emails accounts no regerting

Settling in

Hi, I have just updated to the broadband and is installed next week, We have the phone line so this was a simple upgrade to the 1 gig fibre.

I need to create email accounts so i went to the page to resgter as it allows upto 9 (i think). When i register a email, which is comfimred i can use, and then put a password in and confirm - on explorer it goes to a Oops something went wrong page and in chrome it seems registered but the emails are not on the account page! The emails i needed ans showing that was available that i am using not showing up now. Also if i try the emails they saying i can use i get the same problem.

I just got this serrvice but this is not a good sign .. am really annoyed ..  how do i get these back and regiter at leasst one email

Thank you  


Settling in

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We're sorry this isn't the page you wanted.

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And it's been like that for weeks. When will it be 'up and running again'?

Good Morning @billax, thanks for your post on our Community Forums, and a very warm welcome to you!

Sorry to hear of the issues when trying to create new E-Mail accounts. Have you been able to log into any of the newly created addresses?

Could you also tell me if you've attempted to send a message to the accounts to see if this sends successfully?

Kindest regards,