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New Email Layout - SELECT ALL GONE!

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For the new email layout, can you please explain why you have removed the message "select all" option?  Considering the amount of spam coming through our mailbox these days, I don't have time to select each one individually for deletion purposes, I'd rather select all, deselect those I want to keep, to then delete the rest!

Who actually comes up with these new idea changes and thinks it's a great idea?


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It is the company Open-xchange making these changes. I personally use the Shift button on my keyboard to select multiple emails. If you have loads of Spam from the same sender, you could condsider using the Blocklist feature as well. Works for me at least.

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

AFAIK such changes are under the control Virgin Media and not fixed in the Open-Xchange software


As a workaround try:

  • select an initial email from list
  • press Ctrl + A to select all; be aware this only selects those message currently listed, i.e if only 50 are listed but the folder contains a 100 then only those 50 will be selected ― the new All ▾ options have no such constraint

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