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Need to delete my old ntlworld email address

Tuning in

Please help.  About 4 years ago I asked Virgin to delete my old ntlworld email address/account because it kept getting hacked and I no longer used it.  VM said it had been done, except for some reason it hadn't.

The other day I asked again via Whatsapp, and was told that the second line team would contact me to do this.  The second line team phoned but for some reason I didn't pass security (why do I need to, when they phoned me?) so they said they would call again later that day.  The agent did say I could delete the ntlworld email address myself, but I've tried several times and can't do it.

They didn't phone again until early evening at which time I was busy, so couldn't take the call.  Then they phoned again yesterday evening while I was eating.  

I cannot be doing with hanging on the phone for hours while trying to get in touch with the second line team.  Can someone PLEASE just delete my ntlworld email address like I asked several years ago?


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello Mrs-spanner


Sorry to hear of the email account issues, specially since this was raised a while ago. We appreciate you taking the time to raise this again via the forums.


I will send you a Private Message to get some more details to investigate further. 





Thanks Rob, I'll check my messages now.