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NTLworld email still not working after 2 weeks

Joining in

What on earth is happening? I've raised 2 tech tickets and been told twice that it will be fixed within 3 days (it hasn't), I'm trying to deal with coroners and solicitors and funeral directors so lord knows what emails I've failed to reply to.

The last time my email updated was 6th July, and no one but no one is being honest about when this will be resolved. Genuinely shocking customer service, and I used to run an IT incident management team, so I know how these things go, but if I had a major incident that had gone on for 14 days, I'd have found myself jobless!


Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi Hantsbird1 👋

Thanks for posting, and a warm welcome to the Community Forums.

I'm very sorry to hear about your loss, and the problems that this email issue is causing when trying to make preparations. In regard to the email issues you're seeing, are you using a 3rd-party app to view these, such as iOS Mail, Outlook, etc?

Are you able to view up-to-date emails when checking your Virgin Media Web Mail?


Reece - Forum Team

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I have the same issue with an NTL address. It took 19 days to restore my historic email (7 July). 7 days later on 14 July no email again! Called support daily and still not resolved. Today, I got access via Webmail. 100 plus emails appeared, timed 7:04 this morning, which in effect had been sent to me since 14 July. 

But…. no access via Outlook or ipad/iphone etc using same password and correct server details etc. On Outlook, no response from email server. On IOS, says no password entered but I have entered password and it is correct. 

Told I must pay “gadget support” to resolve the issue. Really? It’s not an issue with my tech as nothing has changed except the password which now works on Webmail. 

16 years with VM and I’m appalled at the failure to resolve these issues. 

Hi @keefyp thanks for your post here, we're really sorry to hear this is the case for you.

Can you please try the following to help reset your app based passwords for email and this may help you to regain access?

Sign in to My Virgin Media
Go to Account settings, then Account details
Tap Manage next to Manage your Virgin Media Mail app password under Virgin Media Mail
Then, under Virgin Media Mail app password tap Get password
Continue the flow and a new secure password will be generated, and the mailbox unlocked
Update any third-party apps that may be use to access your Virgin Media Mail emails with this new app password.
We hope this helps.

Many thanks