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NTLworld email issues

Tuning in

Both me and my dad (separate accounts and separate houses, but same name) have issues with our NTL world email. I cannot receive any email since about 10am on the 4th August and he cannot send any email. His online email works through the virgin mail website, but mine does not (folder says empty). I know there have been issues with email lately, but can this be looked at please as both of us still use these accounts and are unable to use them now.


Tuning in

This seems to have resolved itself, as we can now both send and receive emails as normal, please ignore

Hi @jswalker2 thanks for your post here in the Community, although we're sorry to hear of the disruption you've mentioned.

Despite this, we're really pleased to hear this has been resolved for you!
If you do need any further help in the future, please let us know 😊 

Many thanks