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I regularly send out a routine mail from my account to 12 friends. Recently two of the recipients, one with an email address "" and the other with an address "" do not receive the mails.

If I send them the mail from my other account, at gmail, they arrive perfectly normally.

I did raise this problem  a week or so ago, on two occasions, but on neither did I get any response from "The second Line Team"!

Can anyone help please?


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Re: email address will not send to or


Anyone interested in this subject should read about Yahoo’s history over the last few years here -!

Note that the move of the Sky email platform to Yahoo seems to have started around 2013 but doesn’t rate a mention in the complex life history of Yahoo on Wikipedia. This was ISPreview’s take on it at that time in 2013 -

In summary, the sale of Yahoo by Verizon to Apollo seems to have thrown up at least one “glitch” in the support processes for Yahoo, AOL and Sky email services - at the Yahoo end – namely – the routing of some incoming non-spam emails straight to spam folders without the recipient being made aware of it. Looking from the VM end, we believe that the problem at the Yahoo has now been tested and appears to have been fixed. Time will tell.

Kudos to @ravenstar68 for coming up with the testing route.



As you may deduce from the above background we have been been trying to resolve this issue for some time and thought – as of last week – that it had been resolved.

Can you email your affected contacts (via your gmail account) to check their spam folders and mark any of your NTL emails found there as “Not Spam”. And, when they respond that they have done so, send them a test email from your NTL address to establish whether it arrrives in their Inbox or Spam folder.

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