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NTL world email address not working

Tuning in


Ive not been able to access my ntlworld email address since today. It has worked fine up until then. An error message comes up “cannot get mail” no password provided for NTLworld. I go to settings and the password is there ! I’ve re-input the password as it’s been since a reset in July this year, but still cannot get mail. 
I have virgin media broadband and am the account holder. Can you please help as email is important to me. 

Thank you 



Hi i was told by virgin that to access your emails in the browser you now need to have another email address to login i had to create a new gmail address to do it. Hope this helps

Thanks liz30538 for the info. Back in July VM requested I reset my NTL email due to a security breach. I had to set up another email account (not VM) which I did. I’ve not had to use it since then - but after a password reset on my NTL email address I was able to use that. I found it all very confusing !! Will try and access the non VM email address and see what happens ! 

Tuning in

I’ve set up the non - VM email address using hotmail. Does this mean my old NTL email is no defunct ? Can I delete it or do I have to keep it open ? Also does my new new hotmail email address get me access to my virgin media as I could not open it using the NTL email address. Perhaps someone from VM can help me here ? There doesn’t seem to be any contact from VM in this issue -  very bad !!

Hi @Kempy68 

Thanks for posting and welcome back to the community.

Sorry to hear you're having email issues. 

I'll send you a PM now to discuss further.

Forum Team

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