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NTL Email not available

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I use outlook on my PC for my main NTL email accounts (2) I have had these since NTL first arrived on the scene, these accounts are what I use in all my utility accounts plus social media etc, i.e. everywhere.
I stopped receiving emails yesterday so today I logged into VM webpage and went to log in my webmail account, I filled out the boxes and it came back email unavailable please try changing password (I have now read that this does not work) but I am now in a loop where as trying to login to email sends me straight to the unavailable page, I have tried deleting last seven days of browser history and cookies, still no use, I am trying to use online chat that has now morphed on to Whatsapp and trying to actually get a human is currently like plaiting fog.
As this is my mine email account and I am expecting an important one I am getting a tad annoyed



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Hi my @blueyonder webmail in the same state, I had the address 20+ years, one of the first cable first came to the street, at first was not to bordered, it just glitch, nothing unusual, they normally automatically fixes itself, or ring/call, and it normal back while I'm still on the phone, no big deal, getting on for a month now, the account details seem messed up, being asked all the time to setup security questions, and then setting answers to the questions, doing what I am told and still not getting access the account of my email address?

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Well now to top it off after spend a while with online help chat that migrated to Whatsapp and explaining about being locked out emails, I created a new password as asked and was told it will take 4 hours to work, so I go and try to get into email both on Outlook and through VM webpage and this is where the next issue occurs they have changed my VM web login password (luckily I wrote it down) and I still cant get into my email

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Following the password change can you now access email via the VM webmail page?

As regards Outlook there is a second step that you need to take 

VM have recently changed the log in requirements for accessing VM Mail via third party apps.

If you change the password for the account in My Virgin Media > Account settings > Account details you will not be able to use the new password to access the account via an email client. Email client access now requires an app specific password which can be generated in the MyVM > Account Settings > Account details > Mailbox App password management 



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Firstly in reply to Graham, I can still get emails via my other ntl email account via outlook, just not the mainly used one, I have been on whatsapp again for an hour going through all the crap again to get to chat with a human, I explained they changed my VM website login password ( something I was always told this was not possible) instead of the email, they tried to change it but came back as unable to use the password I created and gave me a temp one to use, but they went and changed the VM login again not the email and so now they have had to raise a ticket with IT which could take another 72 hours, it is now Tuesday, it started on Thursday, I have legal and medical emails due.
This has apparently occurred due to VM changing something to do with spam setting on email accounts and I am not the only sufferer

Hi Graham, once I had calmed down 🙂 I re-read your message and found a pinned topic on the subject and followed the instructions on VM website - account settings - reset password etc. and success, the question now staring me annoyingly in the face is, why did online chat/help tell me to do it instead of changing my main password twice in error and then have to raise a ticket with IT - which I now expecting to **bleep** things up within the 72 hours response time given 😞 

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p.s 262 emails waiting **bleep**.