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NTL Email Compromised - Mailbox Unavailable

Hi, let me start off by saying how utterly disgusted I am with the level of customer service which I have received from Virginmedia in regards to this issue over the last 6 weeks.

I am posting this here as the final hope to get this issue resolved.

About 6 weeks ago my mother's Virgin Media emails ( stopped synchronising on her devices and when I attempted to open the inbox via her online account I was met with a rather vague/generic message informing me that 'Your mailbox is not available at the moment.' 

After numerous calls with Virgin media I was fobbed off with several different excuses:

  • "There's an issue with the database"
  • "There's an issue with the datacentre where the server containing the database is located"
  • "There is an issue with infrastructure and its being looked into"
  • "It will be fixed in 2,3,5, and 7 days."
  • Eventually, after about 2 weeks, I was able to speak to someone who told me that suspicious activity had been detected on the account as forwarding rules had been put in place and as a precaution the mailbox had been disabled and all forwarding rules deleted. I was then told we would receive instruction in the post within 2 weeks with steps to re-enable access.

Fast forward just over a week and eventually these instructions did arrive, I followed them by logging into the VM account and resetting the password, this did not solve the issue and so I started speaking with VM yet again. All the 1st line support were able to offer is to constantly reset the password, raise support tickets for it, and see that the mailbox appears to be enabled. Again, these resets didn't work and nothing ever seems to have been done about these tickets.

I then called VM again and spoke with disconnections, stating what the issue is and if it wasn't resolved we will be cancelling all of our services and closing the VM account. The agent spoke to his supervisor, and then spoke to what I was told was a Security Engineer who would be able to provide me with updates on the tickets and explain what was going on. I was then put through to this engineer who was completely unhelpful, somewhat rude, and refused to give me any information about what was being done with the tickets, what is happening about the issue, what the issue is, or when it would be resolved and just said that an engineer was being dispatched to deal with it and we would get an update (by email, to the account which can't be accessed) within a week to say it has been fixed.

It's now been about 2 weeks since this happened, yesterday I spoke with my mother and she is now very worried and concerned as she has been receiving legitimate text messages from Amazon informing her that login attempts to her account have been made from a variety of countries (we have since spoken with Amazon and had them add additional restrictions to the account). This evening we spoke again and it was mentioned that her friends have been receiving spoofed emails appearing as if by sent by her with links to dubious websites in what appears to spear-phishing attempts after harvesting email addresses.

I am quite concerned how this was able to happen to begin with as I feel very comfortable saying that no phishing links were clicked, no password used with these accounts has been pwned, and no malware has been found on any of the devices used to access either the VM account or mailbox. I am even more disgusted that she was not informed of the compromise until the 4th or so call and had to request the instructions to retrieve the account be sent, not to mention that this is also a clear failing with regards to meeting UK GDPR 2018 laws whereby Virgin Media have the responsibility to notify individuals about breaches without undue delay.


I need help to resolve this issue, and to resolve it as soon as possible.

If someone from VM who is willing/able to help can contact me I would very much appreciate it, otherwise we will be going forward with a complete disconnection.

Thank you.

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Re: NTL Email Compromised - Mailbox Unavailable

Hi HarryB_123,

Thanks for using the forums to get this issue with your mum's email services looked into, I am sorry if this has been causing some frustration along with the poor customer service received. I would be more than happy to look into this for you.

I understand finding out that there is now a restriction on her email may have been a shock, however I can assure you this is a precautionary measure to keep her and other's safe from scam emails, however I am sorry some agents have not been as helpful as they should have been with this. 

I am going to try my best to help you guys get this sorted, to do that I need to take you into a PM to ask some account specific questions. 

Speak soon,


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