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My partner needs to reset ntl world email password

We need help to reset a password for my partners ntl world emails address.

This was associated with an old account that has since closed. 

We are I  desperate need to reset this email but have no way of doing so. Due to the old account holder behind deseced so obviously unable to confirm data prot6from beyond the grave.


So I'm needing to know if you can help with this please as its urgent. We need to access some really important emails and just can't.

What can be done about it? 

Both her email and her dads email are still connected to this email.

I mean I understand data protection surely theres something that can be doing when someone is deceased but we have all info for data protection purposes.

Please could you get back to us asap

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Very Insightful Person
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Re: My partner needs to reset ntl world email password


Just to check the email address was linked to a account that has closed down, and the account holder is deceased, if that is the case then the email address belonged to the account holder the only way around this would be to do a move and transfer the email addresses form the closed account to a valid broadband account but this will remove all email addresses on the account, there is a potential issue the move and transfer may only be done when the account holder is the same so in you case that would not be possible.

If you wait for a VM staff member to pick up the post they will advise if it can be done.

If the account has been closed then potentially the accounts emails addresses may have been removed you can check if the email address still exists at

Regards Mike

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Forum Team
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Re: My partner needs to reset ntl world email password

Hi Ashleysimms,


Thank you for your post and welcome to the community.


Unfortunately, it wouldn't be possible for us to reset the email account password for Data Protection. 


If you speak with our Critical Care team on 0800 952 2302 they can look into getting the account taken over for you which has the email account attached to it. 


Please keep us updated with how you get on, if there's anything else you need or would like to know, just ask 🙂


Kindest regards,






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Re: My partner needs to reset ntl world email password

Sorry for your loss.

What to do if the account holder has died.


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