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My Virgin Media Welcome Back screen

Joining in

My secondary email account is locked. When trying to reset the password as per instructions I get directed to the My Virgin Media home page. On signing in I get the “Welcome Back” page which sometimes shows pictures of some nice Virgin routers, but then the page just times out.

Is there any other way of resetting a password?


Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hey @apodell,

Sorry to hear that you are having issues with your VM email, what I would advise you do is try reset the password here, this link Is specifically for 2nd email accounts.


In the end I had to get VM to reset the My VM password for the secondary account holder. (This was done via a long winded WhatsApp chat.)  This allowed me into the Welcome page and thus allowed me to set the email app password and unlock the email account. 
Why the regularly used account was locked in the first place is another matter!