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My Emails won't download since July 25th

Dear Sir

My emails won't download from my Samsung mobile. Yet my I pad is ok. I've gone into my accounts settings emails and it says it's disable. So l put in and reboot my email account. But it goes back to saying disable. I've tried turning the mobile off and on the phone but nothing happens  This as been like this for 3 weeks 




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Re: My Emails won't download since July 25th

You have asked this question twice before in two separate threads. That is contrary to Forum rules. Do not do this. It just wastes everone's time because we lose track of what is going on. Keep your questions to a single thread please.

Here are your original threads which contain answers. Follow the advice you have already been given:

You should get no more help in this thread which I will ask the Mods to lock to stop the confusion spreading further


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