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My Email password was changed by a hacker

Joining in

My email password was changed by a hacker, and I can't change it to another password even though I can view my emails using my second email account.


Joining in

This has locked me out of my XBox account as well, because I need to know the password to use my XBox account.

Hello Pincho1,


We're sorry to hear of the issues experienced accessing your email account and the password. We appreciate you taking the time to raise this via the forums and welcome to the community.


Can you try these steps for me please to reset the password:


• Sign in to My Virgin Media
• Go to Account settings, then Account details
• Tap Manage next to Manage your Virgin Media Mail app password under Virgin Media Mail
• Then, under Virgin Media Mail app password tap Get password
• Continue the flow and a new secure password will be generated, and the mailbox unlocked
• Update any third-party apps that may be use to access your Virgin Media Mail emails with this new app password.





It doesn't work. It only changes the Outlook password that is connected to my Virgin Media account, not the actual Virgin Media password.

I will send you a Private Message to get some more details from you so keep an eye out for the envelope in the top right when signed into the forums.