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Moving to a care home

Joining in

I have a couple or so questions regarding what/how to cancel as I am in the process of moving to a care home. 


Obviously I will be needing to cancel my TV package and my phone package, but in order to retain my @vm email address will I need to return my broadband package.?

I know I have seen some strings on here about cancellation of services but they tend to concentrate on total cancellation.

Also, given the recent news about an increase in charges, can you confirm that the reduction/cancellation will be free of charge assuming done before 4 April.


Paul Aisbitt




Joining in

Noticed a typo.. when I said return I meant to say retain my broadband package. P.

In order to keep your Virgin email address you would have to keep the broadband contract, which you probably won't need or be able to keep in a care home.  It would be a good plan to start a different email address with Gmail or Outlook or Yahoo.

If you are not currently in an 18 month fixed term contract you can cancel any time at 30 days notice 

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