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Move ntlworld email address between virgin accounts


My dad is cancelling his account with virginmedia before the end of the year, I still use an ntlworld email address attached to his account, can I get this transferred to my own virginmedia account along side an existing ntlworld account i was given when opening my own virginmedia account 12 years ago? 


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Re: Move ntlworld email address between virgin accounts

Hi andrewbowley76

VM (and legacy) email addresses are linked to one billing account forever.  Any secondary addresses are linked to the primary address forever.  This is known as a profile.  Once assigned, they are a package deal.  Addresses can be deleted but never assigned to anyone else.  This is good security, obviously!

If you really LOVE your old ntlworld address - VM can sometimes move the whole profile to another account.  This is to allow people to move house and is known as a Move & Transfer.  Obviously it would require your father's permission and VM's willingness to proceed, as well as checking it is technically possible (I can't promise anything as a mere customer).  But you should realise that then your father's primary email address would be YOUR primary address.  And you would lose access to the email addresses you currently have on your billing account.

Foolhardy !  So just use the time now and for 90 days after your father's account closes to tidy up that old email address - inform any contacts, amend any other services linked to it, backup any emails and data you want to keep.

Best wishes to you all.

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