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Missing emails from inbox

Joining in


I have lost all of my emails from my inbox- I am getting new ones but anything that arrived earlier than last week have disappeared. They are not in Junk/ Deleted/ Spam or archive. 

Please can anyone help?



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Missing emails

Log into VM webmail to check if they are there.

Sometimes if using email clients, mistakes can occur.

I have never lost any emails so that is unusual, but I also do an auto-forward of my virgin emails to a gmail address, so that provides a backup, but leave a copy on the virgin server.

The only issue I have had in the past is that sometimes emails do not arrive at the VM inbox when you know they have been sent.

It is unlikely that  the missing inbox emails can be retrieved if they have been deleted accidently for some reason.

Check that the storage has not been exceeded.

I keep my inbox tidy by moving emails into folders, a good tip.

I also suggest you update your password in case someone else has been in your email account.

As VM are no loner offering email services to new customers, probably wise to have/setup an alternative  email  provider, just in case VM decide to phase out the email service in the future.


deleted emails- should still be available for a period-

When deleted, emails should remain in the deleted folder for 7 days usually which is a safeguard in case of accidental deletion the emails can be moved back to the inbox.

If they went to the spam folder, they remain for 30 days.

If they are archived then they are available permanently. Note the archive  sub folders for each year, so check sub folders.

Lost emails- may be down to a system glitch or unknown activity or a wrong click.


Thank you for your reply - I will set up an alternative so I have a back up in future 🙂

I have had unexplained events myself on virgin email-

The most resent one is 8 missing emails. which is a newsletter I get regularly, which appeared to stop since 22/3/20203, even though I have not unsubscribed from the newsletter and two other newsletters also ceased in the same way.

I have since subscribed to the newsletter with a different email provider some time ago and continue to receive them this week, proving something odd such as the newsletter email not being received in virgin email for some reason for the last 3 weeks.

I am changing over to new emails, so will eventually not use the virgin email which may not be as reliable as other providers.

I use,, and which seem to be reliable and free to use

Alessandro Volta

Very sensible of you to move to another provider. Virginmedia seems to be running down its email service, and there are so many problems being reported of hacking. 

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My name is NOT Alessandro. That's just a tag Virginmedia sticks on some contributors. Please ignore it.

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi Britt-Marie,

Thanks for your post and welcome to the community.

Many apologies for the issues faced with your inbox,  to clarify are no emails showing in the deleted file?

Also i this showing on both the webpage or client?



Thanks for the advice, I have stopped using the VM email now and moved all my contacts to another email provider.

The VM email  remains attached to my account  as a spare unused email.

I also switched all my various newsletters as well, putting them to the new email provider by unsubscribing from VM and then  registering with the new email.

I will regularly check the VM email for any forgotten contacts, but it the VM email now mainly  just receives  a lot of spam emails which I do not require.

As the VM email has the same password as the VM account, any hacking would a danger so I use a strong password. The hacking also seems to affect old legacy emails which should be no longer in use after 90 days, so wise to keep the VM email active to avoid any hacking and check that the password still works.