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Missing IMAP emails

Tuning in

I'm in the middle of switching over my mobile handset from a Samsung A40 (Android 11) to an A32 (Android 12).

I use Outlook (for Android) as my main mail app and that, and all my associated mail accounts, appear to have been migrated successfully using the Samsung SmartSwitch app.. However, on inspection of my old and new VM IMAP (Blueyonder) folders, I have some mails missing.

On my old handset there are 284 mails in the Sent folder going back to 2014 (mixture of posts made on that handset, previous ones, and from the VM webapp). After synching my new one there are only 86 showing up with a whole chunk missing between August 2021 and now (bar 1 from July this year that I think I may have sent directly from VM in a browser rather than from my phone). Checking on VM, there are 152 shown in my Sent folder there.

So there are 132 mails on my old handset that haven't been synched back to VM, and then 66 on VM that won't download to my new handset.

I've tried moving all the 284 Sent mails on my old handset to a different personal folder to see if I could trick the synching to pick them up from there. All posts in the VM Sent folder disappear but only the same 152 are visible in the personal folder as were in the VM Sent folder to start with, none of the others.

Ditto with my new handset - the Sent folder is now empty (like on the VM end) but only the same 86 (the 152) are showing up.

In summary: 86 mails - no different from any of the others - are showing up on all 3 locations,132 are only accessible on my A40 and won't sync back to VM, and 66 are in VM but won't synch to my A32. What is going on and how do I fix it to get the whole lot visible across the 3?

BTW There doesn't seem to be any issue with the inboxes or other folders. And the few new replies I've now sent from the new phone are replicating back to the old one (via VM).


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi there @awtaylor, welcome back to our forum and thanks for your post.

I'm sorry to see you are having issues with emails missing when switching your email account from one phone to another.

I would recommend checking our email help page here to check the settings for the device to ensure everything looks as it should.

Let us know how you get on with this, we will be happy to help further if needed.



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The settings are correct for IMAP on both handsets. The A40 I've had since February 2020 and it was obviously working until at least August 2021 as there are posts that I made from it that ended up on the VM server - and the others not there did reach their recipients.

The A32 was originally configured by the SmartSwitch transfer, but I've deleted and reintroduced the account manually several times but makes no difference. Again it must be OK as it retrieves most of the sent mail visible on the server (and all the inbox) - but some it is always ignoring.

Thanks for coming back to us @awtaylor.

Are you possibly able to see if the E-Mail address can be removed from the application your new handset and then set back up again with the sync from your mailbox to your new handset?

Once completed you may then be able to sync the contents of the E-Mail account from the old device to the newly set up E-Mail portal on the new device.

Kindest regards,


By removing email address from the application I assume you mean deleting the Blueyonder account. Done that several times and it makes no difference 

There are 2 separate problems:

1. Some but not all Sent posts from Outlook on my old handset won't synch to the VM server. Posts made from it between February 2020 and August 2021 are there, later posts not. NB At the server end there are a small number of later ones sent using a browser logged directly into VM mail, others made from earlier handsets, and now a few from the new one - it is just the 16 month window that I need sorting out (they are visible on.the old phone but only within the Outlook app not the default Samsung mail app that only "sees" what's on the server).

I can't get rid of my old mobile until I get this sorted as some of the sent mails are important so I don't want to lose them.

2. Of the ones that are on the VM server, some but not all of the previous Sent posts are synching to my new handset (new posts made on this handset are getting to the server so not having the same problem as above). This is less of a problem than the other issue as the missing posts are still accessible on the server - just a pain that it won't pick up all of them on the handset. I should mention that the Samsung mail app does retrieve all (as does Outlook on the old handset) so it may be more of an app issue (or an app/server interface one)?

Thanks for the additional info @awtaylor

Could you clarify is all is working as it should via WebMail?


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