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McAfee and Norton Spam - Sort it out VM

I cant believe VM's spam is not filtering out these messages.  I am now getting about 20-30 messages a day into my inbox telling me I am not protected.

Personal filters will not work as they are coming from different email addresses every time.

Considering everyone is suffering from this issue - surely VM should be prioritizing this.

Just a joke....

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Re: McAfee and Norton Spam - Sort it out VM

Looks like there are many similar complaints and that includes me. I tried filtering for apparent email addresses got some, then I tried filtering based on Mailing list, as many seemed to contain common details. But then they soon started getting through again.

However I have now  succeeded in getting all this crap moved to my Spam folder by replacing the many I had set up with a single filter:-

                                                    Sent Date     Lower    04/10/2020

I am going to copy this to others in the same boat, hopefully it will work for you too. ..

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