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Malware on my blueyonder email account

Joining in

I have had what seems to be malware on my blueyonder email account for quite a while now.  I have Kaspersky internet security on my laptop as well as just having installed Malwarebytes on a short free trial basis.  I have done full scans on the computer and no infection, virus or malware has been detected.  However, I scam emails coming through that I just delete and when I sign in I get those photos to click of motorbikes, chimneys, buses, cars etc and then I can finally enter my Virgin Media account.

It seems that the malware/virus whatever is still in my email.

I have tried to follow the advice on your web help page for malware but it is too hard for me to understand, Virgin Media and other media companies must understand that we don't understand technical terminology.

How do I remedy this problem please and attempt to remove the malware/virus from my email.

Please advise me as soon as you can.

Many thanks.


Alessandro Volta

Spam is a common problem with email accounts that have been open a long time. Virginmedia has spam filters but many get through. It is possible to add new filters but often it's easier to just delete the spam when it arrives.

The annoying thing with the little pictures is a CAPTCHA which Virginmedia uses to improve access security to its email servers. You can avoid this by using an email client on your device instead of using webmail.

Both these things are quite normal, so you may not have malware at all. 


Many thanks for your reply.

Unfortunately, I don't know how to use filters, I have never added a filter. 

How do you do add a filter please?

The problem with Virgin Media's email is that it isn't labelled very well, only icons are shown really when words/phrases would be better.  I don't know what some of the menus are called, I don't how to check for definite whether there is malware for sure or not, and I don't also know to see exactly how many emails there in my Inbox since they put the 999+ number rather than just leaving it alone as it used to be with the exact number of emails in the inbox there.

Does anybody know how to find out how many emails precisely there are in my inbox?

Any help would be appreciated please.

Many thanks.

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

@Sheffield2022 wrote:

How do you do add a filter please?

As @jpeg1 has intimated the scam emails that you are seeing are not an indication of any malware infection and the scans you have done with Kaspersky and Malwarebytes confirm that your device is not infected.

  • If these emails are going into your Inbox my advice regarding these scam emails is to forward them to

See the National Cyber Security Center website for details. They are best placed to deal with them and stop them at source. After a while you should start to see a reduction in the number of such emails that come through.

Filtering them will hide them from view but will not stop them from coming. Once you have forwarded them just flag them as Spam using the dust bin icon coenoby_0-1674833474248.png .

  • If they are already going into your spam folder then just ignore them.


"Does anybody know how to find out how many emails precisely there are in my inbox?"

The counter against each VM folder is the number of unread emails in the folder so it is only reporting the tip of what must be a very big iceberg!

Whatever........, if there are 999+ emails in your inbox it would suggest you need to do some housework to tidy up the account to make it more manageable.

The easiest way to do that is using the archive function.

  1. Open the inbox and select for folder specific actions.
  2. Then from the drop down menu select Archive old messages.
  3. This opens the Archive Messages window, then tap Archive

That will go through and move every message over 90 days old into an Archive folder for the relevant year.

archive folders.png

Once you have split them up into years they should be much easier to manage the emails in each of the year folders rather than having them all stuffed into one huge inbox folder. 😉


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