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Mailbox is not available at the moment etc.

Yesterday I tried to add an additional account (for an extra email address/username),

I received a standard message that I've created an account and can now sign in to My Virgin Media, view profile and anything else.

When I tried to check that everything was ok the username and password were accepted but when I tried to access the Mailbox I got the 'Your mailbox is not available at the moment etc. I waited until today and tried again. The mailbox was still unavailable. 

So I dialled 150 after 55 mins the line went dead.

So I dialled again, after another 55mins the helper came back and said he was not able to fix it, but he was contacting another department who would be able to correct it he would put me through, 35 mins later I got p.... off and decided to check with the community. Can anyone advise me how to get the issue fixed, I see that I am not the first one to suffer with this but I don't see the solution.

Can anyone please advise, how to clear it?

Regards, Siegfried