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Mail delivery failed

Tuning in

For the last six weeks or so, all my e-mails sent to addresses at btinternet or btopenworld are blocked with the "Mail delivery failed" message, which includes:

 host []
    SMTP error from remote mail server after RCPT TO:(address deleted for privacy):
    554 Message rejected for policy reasons ( on 2023/07/12 21:09:42 BST

The message seems to be the same for every btinternet and btopenworld address I send to. This happens with new e-mails, replies to e-mails, forwarded e-mails and whether to that address only or as part of a "round robin" to several addresses. Those to other domains are delivered as normal.

Is this a Virgin Media problem, a BT problem or something else?

My e-mail address is, using Windows 10 and Mozilla Thunderbird e-mail programme.

Any suggestions for curing this would be much appreciated.



Does the same happen if the email is sent from a different email client  of from the Web Mail Portal ?

I ask as we are seeing all emails sent via the Samsung Android app rejected by gmail, but accepted when sent from the same a/c + servers but using Outlook 365.

Thanks for the suggestion. I don't use any other e-mail programme and I don't access e-mails through the Web Mail Portal. (I like to save certain e-mails elsewhere on my computer.) This has worked well for at least the last 20 years until about six weeks ago. My wife has a separate @ntlworld e-mail account and has had no similar problem, she only accesses e-mails on her Ipad.

I wish I could discover just what

"policy reasons (" really means.