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Lost access to additional email accounts since going back to Virginmedia

Has anyone had issues where they were a Virgin customer and then went back to them, say for broadband and the original account you had with blueyonder email addresses is no longer accessible via the online portal.

I have 4 accounts and my primary email address linked to my previous account and one of the additional email accounts was compromised and I have no way of resetting any of the email accounts passwords.

Virgin have an internal ticket open and said that they have transferred the old blueyonder primary account to the new account but I still cannot manage any of my old accounts including my primary email account.

They are now migrating the accounts over to the new account, but this can take 5 - 7 days. The account that was compromised which I haven't been able to secure anymore has now stopped working and this account is key for all communications for so many accounts.

Whilst I initially I lost access to the accounts for webmail and account settings I could still access the email accounts on our devices.

Has anyone else had this issue as it would be good to know if it was ever been fixed, as I am concerned that I may have to try and change all contact methods accounts with suppliers, School etc.

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Re: Lost access to additional email accounts since going back to Virginmedia

hI kevinmwest,



Thank you for reaching out to us in our community and welcome back, we are sorry for the issues you are now facing with your Emails.


I have been able to locate your account and can see you have as advised spoken to us and a I T ticket has been raised and the agent you spoken to has taken ownership of this and will update you as and when they have any further information.


Apologies for any inconvenience caused.





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