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Loss of ability to send email via Outlook 2002 (and Windows Mail Live 2012)

Up until 23/03/22 I have been able to use Outlook 2002 to both send AND receive email.

For historic reasons my configuration is non standard in that I use gmail as my pop3 server to obtain mail and ntlworld as my smtp server to send mail. None the less, for several years, I have been able to use this setup to send and receive mail.

My problem however, is that at least once or twice a year my ISP, which is Virgin Media, do something at their end, while testing or doing maintenance work, which stops me from sending emails.

If I login to my gmail web account directly I am able to send  emails and receive them.

If I change my smtp server to the problem persists and I still unable to send emails in a client based configuration.


Using Virgin Media support service is not useful as they have always been unable to fix the problem using their trouble shooting procedures. I normally have to wait a fustrating period of time before this problem resolves itself (I do not know how).

Can someone help me sort out this problem? It also happens if I try to use Windows Mail Live 2012.

Any help will be appreciated.


Thanks - Simon

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Re: Loss of ability to send email via Outlook 2002 (and Windows Mail Live 2012)

Outlook and Windows Mail Live have been unsupported by Microsoft for sometime now, i.e.they no longer receive security updates and more than likely are vulnerable to exploits that require little or no user interaction. Would it also be fair to conclude the Windows version being used is also no longer supported by Microsoft?

The recommended SMTP settings regardless of email domain are as follows:

Account type SMTP
Server port465

[Source: Email settings change - Virgin Media Community - 3369438]

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