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Not sure if last post went out. Trying to login my email address but have forgot both email and password. No matter what I try, nothing works including customer support. Problem occurred from September when we joined. Found out they had our name wrong, Wind instead of Wing. Tried to reregister and it accepted Wind with account number but still cant get to email as not sure of either password or email address. Virgin promised to sort this and send a letter with details of account but received nothing. Going around in circles, but getting nowhere. Unable to access anything about account but the Direct debit is still being taken. The TV, landline, and broadband is fine, but we just don't seem to exist except for payment. Can anyone from Virgin Media help us? My mostly used email is [REMOVED]

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Re: Login

Hello @swing70 

Have you tried going to This page  and getting a username reminder? Once you have your username you will be able to reset your password. If this didn’t work then I would just keep nagging, not a lot else you can do I am afraid. If you do need to cancel direct debits urgently, do it through your bank. 

To get a username reminder you'll need: 

The account holder’s last name

Your account number

Your area reference

To reset your password you’ll need: 

Your username

The answer to your security question

Your date of birth 


Take a look at this video.  

Hope this helps 😀


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