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Log into email every 90 days or loose it

Joining in

68D12F97-9DBD-4646-8442-AFEA9EA7C607.jpegHi, I just happened to go onto Virgin Media website, and instead of usual Home Screen, I saw this.

I've double checked & I’ve not received any email from Virgin notifying me of this. Has anyone else?

Im always using my email on my phone and tablet, does this count as logging on, or do I have to go through website?

I understand why they need to do something like this, but think they should have emailed info to customers.

Thanks for any light you can shed on this


Joining in

I can’t seem to delete this post I put up.

PLEASE IGNORE, ITS OLD INFO. No idea why this popped up on Virgin media today, but having read it properly I realise it’s old old info, though still relevant