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Locked out of account

Joining in

Hi there

I've been locked out of my email account for a couple of weeks when my devices all started saying no password entered.  I was away from home looking after my sick mum at the time and only now getting time to try to sort this out.  I have an active current Virgin Media broadband etc account with the address linked to it and I have checked that the email address is still valid.

This has had a knock on effect on various other online accounts where that email is used, and it's been very stressful.  I'm not even sure I know what the password is any more as nothing has worked. 

I realise other people have posted on this in the past but grateful for any help/advice. 

Thank you


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi there Kquine24,

Apologies for the issues and welcome to the community. 

Just to clarify does the email relate to your MyVM account also?

If so are you unable to access the account from there? 

Let us know,


After three incorrect passwords are entered, the “Password Assistance” tool prompts members to create a new password. If you decline to establish a new password, and supply a fourth incorrect password, the member account will be locked to prevent unauthorized access.  Hyvee Huddle

Hi many thanks for reply

I can log into my VM account and when I try to access mail it says Mailbox not available.  Just to clarify, I hadn't changed anything/done anything/entered anything on account, was using it as normal and my devices started telling me password was not supplied/recognised. 

I also tried to change password via my VM account using security details and it said couldn't proceed.  Would have to call.


This is a common problem. I have the same issue with my primary email address. I will be very surprised if you get constructive help from Virgin Media as their attitude suggests support for some email addresses is too much like hard work. The "Forgot password" page has been defective for at least four weeks to my knowledge, as well as the VM home page. This has been mentioned numerous times on this "Help" forum and yet nothing gets done. I get the impression that we should take the hint and go away! Good luck but don't hold your breath.

Yes, I am getting that impression to be honest.  I tackled resetting a few major things historically connected to that email address myself today, and now feel less stressed by the whole thing. So my next step probably will be to "go away" - not just from but Virgin Media as well, my broadband, phone, TV package I've been paying for for years.   I'm done.

Hi Kquine, 

Thank you for your post and I am so sorry you are locked out of your email account.

I can take a look into this for you and see if we can get you access. Please keep an eye out for the purple envelope 🙂