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Locked out of secondary email account

Tuning in

My partner has been locked out of her email account since Friday.

We have been all round the houses on the phone to Virgin Media trying to get it unlocked, changed the password on the main account, changed the email address to a non Virgin Media address (why we have had to do that I have no idea), generated a new password for the email and the box remains stubbornly locked.

Surely VM can unlock this box if they have locked it. She could be missing important emails and losing work because of this and we just seem to be going round and round.

If there's anyone on here that can arrange to get this sorted out I'd be very grateful as I've been on the phone 3 times now to different people and nothing makes any difference.

I've been with VM for a long time and this has severely dented my previous admiration for the service.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Cheesehead, thanks for the message and welcome to the forums. 

I am sorry to hear that you have been locked out of the mail box and will send you a private message so that this can be looked into further. 

Kind regards, Chris. 

Tuning in

After phoning nine different  departments, I can access my Blueyonder account on my laptop, (but not my phone). Apparently, you must log in to your Virgin Media Account, (the ability to access your e-mail directly has been withdrawn to improve security), So try logging on to your VM account page with that unique password, then just click on e-mail, and in my case, the inbox opened with no need to put in the email password. SO much for increased security, They have no idea how to allow my mobile app access to my Blueyonder account though!

Tuning in

Resolved.  Total elapsed time four days. Time on phone 13 hours. I could not get in and my account was locked, but support only found this out after  I was given a different phone number to try . I think is was 03301656723, but they put me through to another extension but refused to  give me the direct number. Needless to say the transfer timed out and I had to dial again. This 'second line technical support for Virgin Media, put me through to another extension, and they had no idea why mobile access did not work but helped me fix my laptop access.  (Other numbers  used were 03330005925, 08450643836, 080001477398, 08000522164,  In order to use Blueyonder I needed to change my email password*, change the password for Virgin Media itself as well, set up a separate email account with another provider ( btinternet), use btinternet user name to access Virgin Media Account ( ignoring email option that still appears on screen as they forgot to remove this option when they put the "extra layer" of security on), then select "email' on next screen and it lets me in with no further password required for email. * So much for 'extra' security and changing it in the first place. I then had to get a system generated password to access from mobile and use that third password on phone. Also, my email was ' locked', which only became evident whilst trying the fix the third time with "support". Anyone see the irony that you need to set up a third party e-mail to use Virgin e-mail?? 

Hi jimshaw2, thanks for the reply and sorry to the delay in getting back to you. 

I am happy to hear that you and the 2nd line technical support team were able to get this resolved for you. 

Can you confirm that you now have full access?

Kind regards. Chris.