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Locked out of email and My Virgin Media

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In the last 48 hours we have lost access to our 2 blueyonder email addresses and My Virgin Media (we have broadband/TV/phone) on all our devices apart from on one PC (where I am signed in for a week without being signed out).

I think IT need to unlock our account - one of the email passwords was changed by VM phone support yesterday but still doesn't work.



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Update: It appears the new password now works on the VM account and the linked email address! At least we have one working email now on any device.

So VM IT just need to reset the password on the other email account I guess...

This has now been done successfully but... it's not at all helpful for VM to suddenly lock our My Virgin Media account and email accounts with no notice - presumably this was all to do with the email/password upgrades over the weekend. And the phone support was completely inadequate - the operators didn't know what they were doing, so things took longer to sort out than they should. And one of us was without emails for a couple of days. Not a good experience 😒

Hi @barnowl22, thanks for the post and for reaching out to us. Welcome to the Virgin Media forums.

I am sorry to hear about the issue that had occurred with the emails on the Virgin Media profile.
However, I am happy to hear the issue was resolved.
The reason why the email profiles are locked is due to our security team taking matters of protection first and preventing unauthorised users and hackers from entering / accessing your emails. And due to this, if any suspicious activity is found, the profile will be locked until we can verify the account holder to unlock the profiles.
I can imagine and understand your frustration but as mentioned, I am happy to hear it has been resolved.

Let us know if you need anything else, will be more than happy to help out 🙂

Kind regards.

Forum Team

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