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Locked out of email (again!)

I haven't been able to access my email since Friday. The “..not available..” message that initially appeared when I tried to sign in has been replaced by a sign in form that doesn’t recognise my email/password

I have had an active broadband account with Virgin Media for several years.

I can log into the Virgin Media website with the same details just fine.

I had a similar thing earlier in the year when I was locked out without any explanation and after three weeks and many fruitless attempts to rectify I finally got through to someone who could help, he said it was due to security issues, possibly my email being suspected of spamming that was the reason and he restored my access. 

I suspect it might be the same thing. If it is it would be nice if someone could tell me what the problem is and what can be done to rectify further rather than the policy of non-communication which has driven me to seriously consider leaving Virgin.

I would be very grateful if someone could help me as I need access to email for important work related things.


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Re: Locked out of email (again!)

Hi CharlieG60,

Thank you for your post and I can take a look at this for you 🙂 

I will pop you over a private message asking for some details. Keep an eye out for the purple envelope 🙂


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