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Locked out of email - NTL

Joining in

I have been locked out of email account. Run a virus scan, Reset my password through settings on my virgin media, still locked out. 

Not in the country so cannot phone anyone!

Very fustrating.



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi ap2635,

Thank you for ,reaching out to us in our community and welcome back, it has been a while since you last posted, sorry to hear you are locked out of your, when you ran a virus scan and changed the password did you change it to something totally different to previous ones then wait 15 minutes before trying to log back in, do you still have an active Virgin Media account?



Thanks for replying. I did change it to something completely different, several times, after about 7 days I started to get emails again, no explanation, no message, not good service at all. 

Hi @ap2635 thanks for your reply.

I appreciate this has been frustrating for you but despite this, I'm glad this is now resolved for you!
If you do need any further help in the future then please don't hesitate to let us know.

Many thanks