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Locked out of email - 403 forbidden

Up to speed

I previously posted about Virgin email repeatedely locking me and out making me change passwords. This happened again and I got the normal "mailbox unavailable" ( ) but my phone email client still works (which it didn't on previous occasions) and now if I go to my mailbox thorugh the web I don't even get the "mailbox unavailable" I get a 403 forbidden error.


Up to speed

I have now gone through the palaver of changing both passwords using Virgin's flakey website and it's working again but can we please find a way not to have to do this all the time?

Hello fangster.

Thank you very much for your reply. Glad to hear you are now able to view your emails.

We are always looking to improve our service, So we will take your feedback on board and pass it to the relevant team.