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Locked out of Blueyonder Email Account

Tuning in

I am having exactly the same problem and also have a blueyonder email address. Password reset does not work. I have been without emails for almost 3 days. Customer service were extremely unhelpful


Tuning in

Since Sunday I have been unable to access my blueyonder email account. I have tried across all platforms (webmail, email client on laptop, email app on phone)

Online it says your account is either locked or no longer available. It then directs me to my virginmedia to change the password and generate a new password for 3rd party applications. However this process does not work. Customer services reset my password twice and this hasn't worked.

Myvirginmedia directs me to change my email address on there to a non virginmedia one for security reasons but every time I try to do this I get a blank page and nothing happens. 

Customer services were extremely unhelpful and said I would have to wait 5 working days for IT support to contact me despite me stating on numerous occasions that I need access to my emails for work and am losing out financially.


Tuning in

 It appears others are having similar problems with 'inherited' accounts, e.g. Blueyonder, ntlworld. I  have tried the password reset four more times, (which necessitated my creating a new email account with another provider, (in order for Virgin to send me a passcode and I now have to use this new e-mail to access my account details. After a four hour WhatsApp chat today, (7 hours if you include yesterday), support have raised a ticket, but I see another user did this 4 days ago and is still waiting. I just need to access my e-mail once to set up a forwarding address to this new e-mail account as a work around until resolved.

Just joined

My account started having problems this afternoon, it was fine this morning. After jumping through a LOT of hoops I used the "Mailbox App password management" option in Account Details to generate an app password, I used that as the password in my PC and mobile apps and it worked (it seemed to take a few minutes before the change was picked up).

No answer, but you are not alone. I have also been locked out of Blueyonder, and tried resetting the password. No joy. I then followed the more draconian route and also had to set up a separate e-mail account with a different provider so Virgin could send me a verification e-mail to change the password, thence to the reset page for third party applications, (totally irrelevant, but they say anything). Today, after 29 hours of WhatsApp chat started yesterday, they say they have raised a ticket. Big deal! Good luck! Perhaps someone with some technical knowledge can assist us both? Resetting the password due not solve the problem, and may be irrelevant. Wonder if it was a hack and they are panicking.

Interesting. My mobile had and has access so I have not switched it off. Nervous to attempt this in case I lose the mobile access. Useful for others to try though.

Today I lost access to my ntlworld email. First told it was a security breach and they changed PW then told to wait 20 mins whilst account unlocked. DID NOT WORK! Called again, told same thing but refused to leave call until this was tested. Then told that all access to ntlworld related emails was not possible and that we would have to use a gmail account. I explained that I already have a gmail account but that does not fix the problem! Basically told I will not be able to access 25 years worth of emails. Later told they are working on the situation, Level 2 support apparently (I asked) but it is a WIP so no timeline. How can this be acceptable? Trying to access important holiday/flight emails. I had NO WARNING of this. Lied to and time wasted! 😡

As soon as I get access to my contacts and emails, I will leave virgin media. I have set up a gmail account to use instead

Tuning in

Just lost mobile access now as well! Changing password does not work, not all the rubbish about setting up a separae mail account with another vendor and changing 3rd part app password. To me the account is locked, "FORBIDDEN"

I'm having a similar experience.  I can't get access to my emails through my Outlook.  I can't send them and they are not being received into Outlook either.   I tried to access them via and I got the same "your account is either locked or no longer available"  I've been on chat/phone for 4 1/2 hours today.  Waiting for someone to call me back, but I don't think that's going to happen so my who day really has been wasted.  There is clearly an issue here and the help people can't resolve it.  It is very worrying I can't access them via myvirginmedia.