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Legacy NTLworld account hacked

Joining in

Like others my old NTLworld account has been hacked and is being to used to attempt to access other systems. as well as demanding bitcoin payment/ransomware etc.

I don't believe I have any thing active off the emails but would like to get it shut down / deleted once and for all.

How do we proceed?


Joining in

Could do with some kind of reply here - 24hrs since I posted.  And this has slipped to page 3 of the Email forum.

Hi there @HughGurney2023 

Thank you so much for your post and welcome to the community forums, it's great to have you here. 

I am so sorry to hear that you have been experiencing these issues and thank you again for posting. Responses on the forums are not instant but we will reach out as soon as possible. 

Can I ask if this email address is connected to a current and active broadband account with us? Have you been able to reset the password at all? 

Thanks for touching base Ashleigh_C

I left VM broadband in early 2021 and mobile this past summer when it went to O2.

At the time of leaving I'd read the email accounts would be deleted 90days after leaving, so I made sure I'd moved all key sign-ups they used and mailings they received elsewhere. But kept my email client accessing them in case I'd missed anything. I guess because they are legacy NTLworld (from when I began with NTL as a customer in 2003) something went wrong with the deletion process.

I have tried to get in through the VM portals using the old account email / name / account number / password reset but no success.

Thank-you again

Thank you so much for popping back to us and I am so sorry again to hear that this has happened @HughGurney2023 

I'm going to pop you a PM so we can take a look. I will pop you a PM across now, please keep an eye out for the envelope at the top of your screen alerting you to a new message.