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Keeping email account under new Virgin setup

I currently have a Virgin Media email account (blueyonder) tied to the home broadband under a parent's contract. I am buying the house and will be entering a new contract with Virgin for broadband. Will I be able to keep my email as I will continue being a Virgin customer or will I lose it due to the previous broadband package being terminated?

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Re: Keeping email account under new Virgin setup

Hey Daniel_W91, 


Thank you for your post and welcome to the forums. 


It is possible to do but it can't be actioned until your account is set up and is live - let us know when it is and we can get it sorted for you. 




Ryan_N- Forum Team

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Re: Keeping email account under new Virgin setup

According to post #40 from here: 
certain criteria must be met to allow a "move and transfer" of email accounts. These criteria are noted below.

  • The email address in question must be active
  • The disconnected account and active broadband account must have the same account holder
  • It must be the account holder who contacts us
  • Full DPA must be passed on both accounts

If any of the above criteria are not met, we are unable to transfer the orphaned email account. 

However there are a number of issues which need clarification:

1) If the existing account has been cancelled, to be replaced by the new account, does the continued access for 90 days after cancellation mean the account is still considered to be active?

2) Is it possible for two accounts in different names but at the same address to be run concurrently to meet the requirement that the account remains active?

3) While still meeting DPA requirements, how would it be possible to transfer email addresses from one account to another when the account holders names are different?

4) A "move and transfer" would transfer all currently active email addresses across to the new account. If a "move and transfer" was to be carried out it would mean that the new account holder would have access to all the email accounts previously held and administered by the original account holder. Surely there must be serious privacy and security implications if such a transfer were permitted?

I don't believe the situation is as straightforward as has been suggested.

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