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Is the Best Bits email broken?

I've just received an email with the following subject line: 

"{snip}, time to check out your latest usage statement."

I get one every month but whenever I click the link to take me to the virgin website (and sign in), there is no useful usage data there at all. Is it possible this information is not available in my area? 
On the website (, under the "Your Broadband" tab, all I have is 3 boxes. The information in those boxes is as follows. 

Box 1: "Look at you go!
You’re a download demon, and you rank in the top {snip}% of all our broadband customers for data usage. Download the Virgin Media Connect app to take it up a gear and get even more from your WiFi." 

Box 2: "Go for it!
{snip}Mbps Fibre Broadband lets you share, stream and download all you like."

Box 3: "WiFi high five
We’ve supercharged your Hub with our smarter Intelligent WiFi technology. So you can keep more devices whizzing around faster."

There are no clickable links to see more data. That's it. (I've removed any data specific to me and change it to "{snip}") 
The boxes manage to mention WiFi twice but as as I have disabled WiFi on my Virgin Router, it's not very relevant to me. 
Do other customers see more information than I do?


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Re: Is the Best Bits email broken?

There have been plenty of topics about this subject. A long one is here

Whether you see any numerical data in these emails seems to depend on each individual customer. Those who do receive data often says it has no relation to reality. Just another bit of VM marketing hype gone wrong with poor implementation.