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Irritating Spam

Tuning in


So I've very recently started receiving '100s' of spam emails every day, all from the same, annoying source.

The domain is the same, but the whole address is slightly different each time, so blacklisting only goes so far.

I have therefore set up a load of filter rules, some using exact addresses, some with the domain, some with the, (to) "undisclosed recipients" tag, some with "reject", then the same info with "discard", and all with "Apply rule if ANY condition is met" etc.

Yet it doesn't seem to be making any difference.

Am I missing something?



Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Can you post a redacted screenshot of your rule here; be aware that filter rules only run against emails delivered to your Inbox folder?

Consider deactivating all existing rules and create a single rule similar to the following:
Note the use of:

  • a single Regular expression  (Regex) condition to match multiple strings in the From header
  • action to move matched message to Spam folder rather then delete or reject them
  • action to set flag colour to help identify this rule as having matched an email

To add further domains append | followed by the domain, for example example\.com|exampe\.net|example\.org; use of the \ character is made so special characters like a period are not interpreted as any character but as a period character ― to add undisclosed append |undisclosed

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Ahhh OK. That explains a lot.

I can do that, but I thought that it blocked messages altogether. They do go into the spam folder already.

Is there any way that I can block them completely?


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Not really because even if you apply the following Virgin Media still deliver some spam emails directly to your Spam folder:

  • select ☰ > Settings > Email > Spam Settings > Flag a message as SPAM but deliver to Inbox
  • create a filter rule similar to:

There is no way to "block" the spam emails, some email services to have blocking features.

Some spam filters which cost money will bounce the email back to the sender, but not generally advised to do that.

Discarding prevents the emails from going to the inbox or spam, it just deletes them, but a bit dangerous as you could lose genuine emails that way.

Emails in spam have the hyperlinks lined out providing safety from dodgy links in the spam email body, they are deleted after 30 days.

It is best not open or even view spam emails, they will just send you more.

Spam can be deleted to trash using a filter or manually, best done using a group select then delete

As spammers keep changing the sender address it is not easy to block using fiters,unless a domain or extension is used such as (domain) or extension such as .edu

Emails in trash delete after 7 days so are then lost

There is a setting called reject all spam, which I am trying but I think they go to the spam folder.

Spam emails are a danger and can infect computers or provide data back to hackers who can then hack your system, I have had the virgin warning letter 6 days ago, regarding malware/suspicious activity on my equipment and had to check out my system as all my emails were blocked for several days.

If virgin have tagged an email as spam <spam>, that is a good indication that it has spam content and best avoided.

One alternative is to create a folder which could be called inbox2 or whitelist, and then set up a filter for listing the full email addresses of genuine contacts to be filed to the inbox2/whitelist and do not tick subsequent but select any conditions, the normal inbox would then just contain spam emails.