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Inconsistent Server Connection

Tuning in

I'm having a regular error message "no server connection" and very poor an intermittent access to my emails, every time I have to keep refreshing the VM page just to try and find emails.

My VM internet connection is running solid at 100+mbps so it definitely a VM email server problem..

Whats going on.. I don't expect this kind of poor service when I'm paying a fortune to you!


Dialled in

I'm getting the same - Server Unreachable often appears.

I'm hoping someone will have an answer on here.

Joining in

I have been getting the same for about a week. Any ideas how to clear it.

Joining in

I’m having the same issue when I try and call out, I get the banner “could not  connect  to server” with an error number, This happens several times a day, even when I try to call out from my mobile. I also can’t retrieve many of my older emails. The phone call won’t ring but connects and can be answered by the recipient but I can’t hear them, they can hear me. Any ideas how to fix this, it’s causing problems as I need to be in constant contact with people for work. 

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi MikeMadDog,

Thank you for reaching out to us in our community and welcome back, we are sorry to hear you are facing an intermittent issue when trying to retrieve your Emails, as it isn't having any effect on your Internet connection you believe this is a server issue, I have had a look our end and cannot see any known issues relating to this, do you face the same issue if you try to get your emails on your Mobile using your Mobile Data or another device?




I was on 3 different devices, two of which use Chrome and the other, Edge.

It's been much better this week but when it does occur, it's sometimes impossible to log in, or if you are logged in, send or receive emails. Plus I also found that emails I had deleted from the inbox during this issue, would reappear.

I reset my Hub but did not resolve the problem.

On our wavelength

Similar experience... not browser specific nor device specific nor internet ISP connection specific. 

I have an ISP= VM cabled connection at one location and an ISP= TalkTalk  connection somewhere else... and both frequently generate the   "SERVER UNREACHABLE" condition when using VM Webmail.

So unlikely to be anything other than an issue with the VM Webmail interface.

As far as I can tell, my IMAP 3rd-party client does not suffer from this issue.

It is def. very disruptive as it happens usually at least once an hour.

I'm so sorry to hear this @gwb67


Can I just confirm do you only experience this issue when connected to your Hub at home or does this occur when using data or connected to another WiFi? 


Thank you.

On our wavelength

For me, it can happen at any time... whether WiFi or ethernet to Hub3 or whether WiFi or ethernet to a non-VM-router - eg TalkTalk, BT etc.

It does not appear to be connection-device specific or O/S specific or browser specific.  The only common 'thing' is the Webmail interface.

Thanks for the reply.

Like the person just before your post said, it doesn't seem to matter which device, browser or wifi I use. Also often get the three blinking dots in the middle of the screen and it might say unable to connect, but sometimes refreshing the page can get to the emails.

It regularly occurs although the last few days it has been fine.