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I need to change the password on a secondary account that I also use on other devices

Joining in

Please can someone help me to change the password on a secondary account that I also access from other devices.  Since you changed the process, nothing appears to work and I don't know which passwords that I am changing when I request a change password



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey @Juliet11,

Welcome to the Community Forums and thanks for the post.

Sorry to hear this, if you want to visit another forum post here, this will talk you through the steps on changing the password on your secondary email account.


I have tried this and it wont work.  It tells me to contact VM which I did yesterday and got a numpty who kept me on the phone for over an hour while he kept disappearing (presumably to ask someone else what he should do).

In the end he reset the password, which is now not secure, and I can't change this, or access any of my other e-mail accounts.

What is happening, this is an absolute shambles created by Virgin Media.

Hey @Juliet11,

Thanks for coming back to me, sorry that this has not worked for you, so that I can look into this with you and go about gaining you access to the secondary email, I will like to have a quick chat in a private message which I will be sending to you shortly.

Cheers. Joe