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I have been locked out of email for 8 days

Joining in

I have been locked out of email for 8 days, have spoken, every day ,to someone who makes me go through all sort of hoops and then tells me they have raised a ticket ....... today they have told me someone will get back to me in 7 to 10 working days . Why is this company still in business. 


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi brammer2, 

Thanks for taking the time to contact us via the Community. It's lovely having you on board with us in the Forums.

We're sorry to hear you've been having an issue with your email being locked. I can see the team have raised an IT Ticket and they have updated this will the following information: 

Mailbox is locked. For resetting the password for mailbox, please carry out the following steps:

  • 1.Login to their MyVM Account
  • 2.Click the Account Settings tile
  • 3.Next, they need to select the Virgin Medial Mail Settings tile
  • 4.The next page will display a Red Button labelled ¿Generate new App Password¿
  • 5.The customer will then be presented with an automatically generated password. This is the password that needs to be entered into their mail client.

The password will look something similar to this: mail-horse-yellow-panda (It needs to be entered exactly as displayed on screen - including the hyphens)

Can you please delete any cache, cookies and browsing history from your browser and try those steps. Once you've tried then, pop back here and let us know so we can then help further if needed. 


Forum Team

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Thank you, aventually after 11 days I got someone from Virgin who did exactly this step and I am now back in business, so thank you for your help  

Hi brammer2,

Thank you for reaching back out and for the update, glad to hear after help carrying out the above steps you are now back in your Email account, apologies again for any inconvenience caused, if you do need any further help, please do not hesitate to reach back out.