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I changed my password and got a passkey. Now I cannot access my emails on my iphone.

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I have a blueyonder account. Yesterday I had a security email from virgin so today I changed my virgin password.  It accepted the new password and moved me onto a "passkey" but I dont know how to use the passkey to access my email on my iphone.  I have now tried deleting my email account on my phone and reinstalling but it will not accept the new password I set up for my virginmedia account and I cannot get my emails on a browser on my phone either- I get "Oops We cannot find th epage youre lookng for".  I am at the end of my rope, I need my email on my phone not on my laptop. I am not able to take my laptop everywhere I use email so it needs to be on the phone.

The new password is not recognised by my phone, it tells me that there is no password. 

Anyone else solved this conundrum?  I will complaint to virgin if that is the only way I can sort this.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @Sarahp2 

Thanks for posting, sorry to hear of the email issue using a third party client. Is the issue prevalent when using Webmail? Further to that question, is the email we're discussing linked to an active cable account? 

This link here - - should help 🙂

Keep us posted.

Forum Team

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