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I cant access my emails via my laptop

Forfour days now I have been unable to access my emails.  I try to sign in and then get messages that the screen has timed out or that my emails are not currently available.  I can normally get around this by just opening another tab which magically makes everything work, but that has not helped this time.

If I try to look at anything to do with my contract or account online I get error messages too (but I guess that needs to go onto another topic), I have been thinking about going elsewhere due to the costs creeping up and me not watching the amount of TV that I used to, this is just all edging me that bit closer to closing mt account.




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Re: I cant access my emails via my laptop

Are you logging in to your Webmail account or using a Mail app on your device?

If your Webmail account is working properly, the difficulty may be between your account and your device rather than the account itself. If so, I would check the settings on your device to see that they have not been corrupted and they still match the correct settings, including password, for your account.

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