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I NEED HELP! I'm getting ABSOLUTELY NOWHERE with my complaint

Tuning in

Several weeks ago all six of my secondary email accounts were messed up by Virgin Media (in the name of increasing security, if I recall ... how ironic!). They became inaccessible and unusable. I simply CANNOT use them. None of the folders (inbox, Sent, etc) are visible. When I click on the name of any of the accounts it shows one word: Empty.

There's a little black triangle next to the name of each of the email accounts, and it has a tiny white exclamation mark in it. I mention this because it might mean something specific to someone (but not to me!).

I've tried again and again to get them fixed/reinstated, but with no luck. Eventually the 'Resolutions Team' contacted me. From their (obviously boilerplate) response it was plain that they hadn't even read the details of my complaint, either that or they weren't at all interested in addressing the issue.

I've been in touch with them a few times since, explaining that I really do need access to those accounts, and that there's a popup that indicates that their login data seems to be wrong. I'm in no position to fix this myself (I know little or nothing about the technicalities involved), and they don't seem to care one way or the other. They're not replying to my emails.

At one stage one of them (I think it was someone I 'spoke' to on Live Chat) said he would assign new passwords to them temporarily while he tried to fix them, and then get back to me (which, of course, he never did). So now I'm not even sure of the passwords, even if I could access the accounts.

He (or she) gave me a new password for my primary email account (should say helped me create one, I suppose) said he/she would use that as a temporary password for all the secondary accounts, just for the time being, and with a 1 added to the end. So I think I know what the password for them is. If this type of thing wasn't so difficult for me I'd probably be able to reset the login data myself. But unfortunately this is beyond me right now. I struggle with such things. Someone with a bit of technical know-how might be able to easily take over, or at least that's the hope I'm clinging to.

Is there someone (maybe someone from Virgin Media?) on this forum who might be able to help me out with this? I desperately need help. These damaged/missing email accounts are causing me no end of problems.

If there is ANYONE who can help me, I would be very grateful indeed.

I'm 70 and I've got MS. Hasn't affected me physically very badly, but it has affected me mentally - my memory and concentration are poor, hence my problem with the email accounts - if I was well I might very well be able to sort this out myself. I've even had to write this (prepare this) very carefully before I 'put pen to paper', so to speak, because gathering my thoughts in a proper linked-up fashion isn't as straighforward as it used to be.

Even now I feel there's a few things I wanted to include in this message but they are flitting in and out of my mind so randomly that I can't pin them down.

I apologise for rambling on for so long, I suppose it's due to MS messing with my ability to concentrate.

Please help if you can.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey K10, thank you for reaching out and I am so sorry to hear about this.

I am going to send you a PM so we can look into this, please look out for my PM. Cheers 

Matt - Forum Team

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