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How to change an Ntlworld email username

I’m having problems changing one of my email usernames. When I try to do so via My Virgin Media. The system seems to allow the change to take place and sends a confirmation email to the email address that I’ve requested to be changed. However when I create a new email address in my email client (MS Outlook) the client displays errors which state authentication failed password/credentials not recognised.

Q1: what pop settings should I use within the email client?

N.B I used those that exist and work for my other ntlworld email usernames i.e. & plus username and password.

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Re: How to change an Ntlworld email username

The change username function does not change the underlying email address.  The username that you chose has to be an existing third party (ie not a Virgin Media or ntlworld one) that you already have set up.

If you sign back into My Virgin Media with your original email username you should be able to cancel the username change.

It is not possible to create a new ntlworld email address, but you can create additional ones if you want to.

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Re: How to change an Ntlworld email username

No wonder it all fails because you can't do what you are trying to do. and your settings are out of date.

One thing at a time. You can only change a username for another e-mail address you own which is NOT a VM address, something like a GMail address.  And why would you want to do that.  Yes, you will get the appearance of a successful change but it will fail. Otherwise (with the exception of your primary address) all you can do is delete the address and create a new one .You cannot now create anything other than an address. 

As for your settings read this:


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