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How to Recover Your Locked Email account

After being locked out of my virginmedia email account and unable to reset my password I was ready to give up. Virgin were unhelpful as their advice was to reset your password.......they didn't ask if you were a secondary user on the main account.  I kept getting the message that my secure question answer was invalid - please follow these steps. Thankfully it worked for me.

1. Sign into your main Virgin account (not your email account)

2. Go to your Profile and reset your email password - this should unlock your email account

3. If you are a secondary user on the account -  the named account holder must log in to their virginmedia account.

4. The account holder then needs to go to their Profile - from there they can select your email account and reset the password.

5. Your should now be able to access your email account.

6. If this doesn't work - then the main account holder will need to call Virginmedia.

I hope you all manage to recover your emails - Good luck



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