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How do I set up additional (secondary) ntlworld.e-mail addresses?

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I have been with ntlworld since April 2000 and we used to be able to create up to 5 additional e-mail addresses, which i did.

BUT I can't find how to do this now or access the ones I already had - is this feature still active, and if so, can anyone tell me how to get to that page? The site layout changed when ntlworld became virgin and I haven't actually been in to these accounts for some time ..... so my mempory is failing me 😞


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I wanted to edit this post - but can't see how to do that.

I have found where my extra e-mail addresses are listed - but when I try to delete the one i no longer want I get an error telling me it couldn't be deleted - please try again. I have tried again, several times, same error. Any ideas?

I;ve also tried to set up a new account by clicking "Create new account" but all that does is ask me to enter an e-mail address and that person will receive an invitation. How can they receive an invitation if they don't yet have an account??? This is nowhere near as obvious and self-explanatory as when it was and i am stumped. 
There are NO instructions at all on how to set this account up!

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Since May 2022 VM have no longer offered new email addresses to new or existing customers.

The ability to create a new secondary account does not include a VM email address.

The VM Forum Team should be able to advise why you are having issues deleting an existing account when they reach this thread in a day or so.


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Hi Cedd,

Apologies for the issues faced and welcome back to the community.

Just to touch on the point made above, we no longer offer email address to be made however you should be able to remove/delete them if needed.

I've dropped you a PM so we can investigate this, you'll find the message within the purple envelope icon.