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How do I delete an old ntlworld email

Joining in

My old ntlworld email has been hacked. I have not used this account for over 5 years when left virginmedia as no access in new property and was under the impression that the account was deactivated and deleted once left.  I have recently started to get junk email - bitcoin/blackmail type threats. I have no accounts or logins linked to the email. Please can you contact me to look into this and ensure the account is deleted. 



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @HClen0v-,

Thanks for your post, and a warm welcome to our Forums!

I'm really sorry to hear to hear about your NTLWorld email being compromised. So I can look into this further for you, I'm going to pop you a PM. Please look out for it in the top-right of our Community Forums, in the purple envelope.


Reece - Forum Team

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