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Having an issue with NTLWorld Email

Joining in


My grandfather has a NTLWorld email account and has had this for a few years. Trying to download messages into Outlook has not worked since around the 17th of July.

I have had a look on the forum and can see that he needs to login to the virginmedia webmail and generate a new App password to get it working again, but he does not have an account to login to the webmail and have tried his ntlworld email address but this does not work

Myself and other family members have tried to reach out to phone support, but have not got any resolution to this.

Is there anything that we can do to get this resolved for him?

Thanks in advance,



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @Nayt 👋.

Thanks for reaching out to us. Apologies your grandfather is having email issues. We can certainly help him out, we would need to bring you in for a private message to discuss this and resolve. 

Please look out for the envelope on the top right of your web browser or if you are using a mobile device it will be located under your profile icon.



Hi Sabrina,

Have responded to your private message there. Thanks for the quick turn around on this.


Up to speed

I have the same problem with my NTLworld account this morning.

Hi @DancinDiva thanks for your post here in the Community although we're sorry to hear of the concerns you've raised.

Can you please advise firstly if you are an active customer, but if so follow the steps as advised here?

Many thanks


Thanks but it is a sporadic problem and I was able to get my emails again without having to do any of the steps you advised or change the password as per the message I received. So VM must have done something to change the situation to unlock my account or make it active again.

Hi @DancinDiva thanks very much for your reply, that's great news!
If you need any further help, please let us know 😊

Many thanks