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Has anyone had an email about a 13% rise on their monthly bill.

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I just had a Talk Talk sales rep at my door that told me this, and he said Virgin Media had informed customers in email mid-March. I have folders in my emails where I move emails to if it's from any company I pay for service's. His "closing sales pitch" was that if you have signed up to stay with them before January of this year, then as this rise was not mentioned in the terms and conditions of the contract, you can cancel with zero cancellation fee ( basically whatever the total will be of your next bills until the end of your current contract. I have looked and cannot find any email from them regarding the rise of 13%. I might give them a call ( I know, it will be a nightmare to get through) but if this is the case I may actually look at other providers.


Up to speed

It could have been a letter instead. But yes there was a price increase announced recently. Not necessarily 13%. Some people saw significantly more than this. 

As with most companies. There are annual increases in line with inflation. Even if you sign up to TalkTalk don’t expect things to be any different in about a years time 

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

@herio22 wrote:

Virgin Media had informed customers in email mid-March.

Here's the page on the Virgin Media website that explains their 2023 price increase. 

My understanding is that on average the increase is roughly 13.8% across TV, broadband, and phone but the actual figure will vary from customer to customer.

When /if you see that TalkTalk rep again you could point out to them that TalkTalk put their broadband prices up by 14.2% at the end of March 2023.

Check out this page from the BBC website and scroll down to the heading  "How much could broadband prices increase?" and see how the major providers compare. It makes chilling reading.


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