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Hacked ntlworld email account

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Hi there, I'd appreciate some help witha hacked ntlworld email account.

My wifes email account (an ntlworld one) has been hacked, but we are unable to reset the password. Attempting to do so via a password rest on the virginmedia website gives the message:

You can’t reset your password online right now, as you don’t have additional details set up on your account.To reset your password, please contact us and one of our team will help you.

No one on the phone lines seemd to be able to help or necessarily grasp the situation, so can I be helped here. Ideally we'd like the password changed, we are still virginmedia customers. Because it was set up so long ago it may be that this email isn't associated with the primary account, or something like that which may have confused the help staff, but we are unsure!


Thanks for any help


Forum Team
Forum Team


Thanks for posting and welcome to our community 🙂

I'm sorry to hear you've not been able to get the help you need regarding your email account. So I can help I've popped you over a private message (purple envelope, top right hand corner)


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Would it be possible for someone on the forum team to look at this issue again for me. The original forum member who replied said that there was aa support ticket opened for this issue, and that they would check it on Monday and get in touch, but that hasn't happened. Would it be possible for someone to check the status, it is quite concerning to have a known compromised email account, but no way to change the password!


Thank you


We've gone back to IT for you with an update, hopefully this will be solved asap. We'll contact you when there is an update. 

Best wishes

Forum Team

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